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Setting up Email Forwarding from LAN hosts with msmtp

I have a few Raspberry Pi's on my network and it can get tedious to SSH into each one to do various activities such as upgrades or security scans. There are lots of software tools that send emails and setting up the full fledged mail systems such as postfix or …

GIS Project - Moving the Town of Valmeyer

Image of the taxlots for the two towns of Valmeyer

In this course, Data Formats Design and Quality, our project centered on the doing some GIS work as if we were working in the assessor's office planning for the physical move of the town of Valmeyer, Illinois. The original town (in blue) was down in the flood plain of the …

GIS Project - 2012 California Proposition 37

GIS Map of Proposition 37 Districts

I am taking the Geographical Information Systems(GIS) course from UC - Davis offered through Coursera. The assignment for the Fundamentals of GIS is based on California's 2012 proposition 37 which would have mandated labeling of genetically modified organisms(GMO) in food. It did not pass. The mission is to take …

Into the Wilderness

Cropped topo map of Drift Creek Wilderness

OK, well maybe just a little. This week's hike was to Horse Creek North on the Oregon coast. Since it was just north of Waldport I took Hwy 34 down from Corvallis then turned north on 101. At Ona Beach you turn east into the hills, the paved road quickly …